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TalkTools® Horn Kit

Product Description

The TalkTools® Horn Kit is a motivational therapy tool serving as a beneficial adjunct to traditional therapy techniques in Oral Placement Therapy. The Horn Kit is designed to normalize oral musculature, correct articulation errors, improve abdominal grading and speech clarity, and also serves as a prerequisite for working on oral-nasal contrasts.  The Horn Kit is an invaluable technique for eliminating tongue thrusting and can be used to reduce or even eliminate drooling.

Details of the Horn Kit: 

  • Horn Kit includes one of each horn in TalkTools’ Horn Hierarchy (colors may vary), one replacement Horn #12, and TalkTools original instruction booklet
  • Teaches lip closure, abdominal grading, controlled oral airflow, speech clarity
  • Therapy Tool used in Oral Placement Therapy like the Straw Kit
  • Not Dishwasher safe



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