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CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Ball - Yellow - 18" (45 cm)

Product Description

The CanDo® Inflatable Exercise Ball (Yellow - 18" (45 cm)) helps to improve coordination, balance, flexibility, and muscle strength. The CanDo® Exercise ball is designed with a non-slip PVC vinyl surface that is ribbed for extra security. The CanDo balls may be "under" inflated to give a soft, mushy feel or fully inflated for a firm, bouncy feel. Standard CanDo® inflatable balls can support up to 300 pounds (136 kg). 

Use the Exercise ball to strengthen gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and body awareness all while adding an element of fun to your next physical therapy session or OT session. Try the exercise ball as a seat for alternative seating in the classroom (or at work) which allows the individual to move while focusing on the task at hand. 

Looking for extra support? Try the Extra thick ABS CanDo® inflatable ball which can support up to 600 pounds (275 kg). The deluxe ABS inflatable exercise balls are made with a material that is specially formulated to release air slowly if a sharp object like a pen or pencil accidentally punctures the ball. This slow air release system is effective up to a 280 lb. capacity. The ABS CanDo® ball is 18" (45 cm), Yellow and weighs 2 pounds. 


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