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Special Needs Essentials FocusPad Seat (Calming Sensory Cushion)

Product Description

Special Needs Essentials FocusPad Seat is a sensory pillow to effectively help children stay focused and keep them engaged. It will provide tactile inputs that can be therapeutic for kids with ADHD, ASD or Autism. The Special Needs Essentials FocusPad Seats are available in different colors and shapes: Green Square, Plush Textured Orange Circle, Blue Circle (each are sold separately). Sensory seekers will love this soft, tactile FocusPad Seat.  Buy only on Amazon US, << here >>

The FocusPad Seats are specifically designed to promote relaxation, calm the nerves and soothe the body through gentle vibrations that kids will love. The sensory pillow is portable and lightweight with a compact design that can be taken anywhere you school, in the car, to therapy or at home. The FocusPad Seat utilizes AA batteries to provide hours of vibrating support. 

Buy only on Amazon US, << here >>


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