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Kidsme Food Feeder

Product Description

The Kidsme Food Feeder allows babies to taste solid food at an earlier age. The ergonomic designed handles allow for easy hold  helping to encourage independent feeding and strengthening muscle development. This will also help babies get a head start on incorporating important vitamins and minerals into their diet. 

The kidsme Food Feeder helps the introduction of solid foods while minimizing choking hazards. Plus, babies love the feel of the feeder on their gums, and the taste inside!

With the Food Feeder, little ones can easily and safely enjoy a variety of foods, so mealtimes can be a positive experience. Added bonus points, the snap-lock closure is adult friendly and kid-proof making it great for traveling!


  • Proactive Self-feeding 
  • Safe and convenient 
  • Introduces fresh foods 
  • Available in Lime Green/ Yellow 
  • Security clip attaches to clips and holders
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Size is Medium
  • Ages 4 months & up 
  • BPA Free 
  • Directions and cleaning tips included 
  • Top rack dishwasher safe 

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