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Lycra Cocoon Swing by Covered in Comfort

Product Description

The Covered in Comfort's Lycra Cocoon Swing promotes improved balance through the rocking and swinging motion. The rocking and swinging motion helps with everyday skill building like stair climbing and body awareness. Acting as a therapy tool, the swing can help children who have difficulty maintaining their equilibrium. The Cocoon Swing gives a deep pressure input like our weighted blankets and weighted lap pads.  

Cocoon swings can be used during occupational therapy, in the classroom, and even at home. Children will love the feeling of the deep pressure while having fun at the same time! A wonderful tool for children with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, and other special needs.


  • Hang swing from an anchor belt which has been safely secured into a structural beam
  • Use appropriately sized chain to lower seat to proper height
  • NEVER install swing seat higher than 16" from floor
  • Weight capacity = 120 lb

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