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Lucas the Lion Loves The Tiny Talker (book)

Product Description

From the creators of the Tiny Talker, the only product in the world that teaches kids to use an AAC (Augmentative/Alternative Communicationdevice is the book Lucas the Lion Loves The Tiny Talker. Lucas the Lion Loves The Tiny Talker is simply an interactive story book that acts as a speech tool to learn how to communicate. Lucas loves to play with his friends and family, but he is nonverbal. Sometimes it's hard to tell them what he's thinking or feeling which can be frustrating! Luckily, for this adorable cub, he has the Tiny Talker to help him communicate. 

Pairing the AAC device with a storybook, children are able to see the symbols in the story, touch the corresponding sound buttons on the Tiny Talker™ , and hear the devices response. This helps to reinforce children's understanding by appealing visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning styles all at once. 

Lucas the Lion Loves The Tiny Talker is the perfect learning communication tool for students who are nonverbal, speech delays or other special needs. It's a fun, cost-effective solution to help children find their voice! 

 *Bonus:The Tiny Talker can be removed from the book! 




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