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The Eye Lighter (Reading Aid)

Product Description

The Eye Lighter is a transparent plastic highlighter used as reading tool. The reading aid underlines the sentence the individual is reading and can track up to 3 lines at a time helping increase reading speed. 

The Eye Lighter supports readers with a color overlay for: fluency, tracking and comprehension. Use the learning tool to help with reading focus, speed reading or as a tool in different reading strategies aimed at improving overall reading skills.

Reduce frustration and save time by helping readers follow sentence paths and reduce the frustration of losing place or rereading lines. The color options help create focus and limit the reader’s area of concentration which, in turn, increases comprehension and fluency.

The Eye Lighter is great for readers of all ages especially those with reading struggles, eye tracking issues and, of course, works well for teachers in all educational departments. 


  • Reading tool by Learning Loft
  • Increase reading skills like fluency and comprehension 
  • Highlights sentence while reading to increase speed and focus
  • Special Education Supplies 
  • Made of durable plastic 
  • Color Options Available: Yellow, Purple or Green 
  • Try out the Toobaloo (made by Learning Loft as well!) 

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