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The Tiny Talker Too (Portable AAC Device)

Product Description
The Tiny Talker Too is the newest AAC device from The Tiny Talker family of communication solutions. The Tiny Talker Too allows you to record your own voice and sounds to the device. By placing the command switch down to the record mode, you can record up to 2 seconds of sound. Place the switch back up to the play position and hear the new customized sound. There are 12 buttons that can be easily recorded over and over again to allow the user to express the commands that are most valuable to them. 

The Tiny Talker Too runs off a small battery. No chargers. Unlike iPad apps and augmentative communication devices, The Tiny Talker Too is ready to go when you need it. No need to find the device, open the app, and search the screen for what to say. Its portability means it is always handy - which should help to avoid fits and meltdowns when your loved one wants to express themselves immediately. The large 3/4" square buttons are soft and easy to push for most of those with fine motor delays. The Tiny Talker would be helpful for young babies, non-verbal children and adults, aging adults, stroke victims, and more. 

Check out the original version of the Tiny Talker here.  

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