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The Fidget and Focus Kit (Bundle of 4 Fidget Tools)

Product Description

The Ultimate Fidget and Focus kit includes one of each of the Gel Maze, The Pom Ball, The Tangle Fuzzy, and the Tangle Original. All of these therapy tools will help aid in focusing on the task at hand while promoting movement. Here are a few details about each fidget tool included in the Fidget and Focus Kit:

  1. The Gel Maze provides the opportunity to move a marble through a maze pattern while promoting fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination and finger strength. It acts as a fidget tool and movement aid helping to calm and relax the user.
  2. The Rainbow Pom ball is a soft, stretchy and colorful therapy tool. The ball works as a stress reliever. The strands on the ball are super springy and can be stretched out providing sensory stimulation. The Pom ball is the ultimate fidget tool as it is very fun to hold but very hard to put down.
  3. The Tangle Original is another therapy tool for tactile fun and sensory stimulation. It is slightly larger than most of the other tangles making it versatile for a variety of ages. The tool is great for therapy/sensory relief. The busier the hands, the better off someone is going to be with a Tangle Original.
  4. The Tangle Jr. Fuzzy is another fidget and focus tool that can fit in one's pocket. The soft, fur like texture of the Tangle Jr. Fuzzy provides an ease into sensory integration while giving a calming effect. The Tangle Jr. Fuzzy is colorful, easy to twist, and overall a great toy for someone with ADHD, Autism or other special needs.

The Fidget and Focus Kit would be a fantastic addition to the sensory bin at school or in the next therapy session. 


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