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Johnson Therapeutic Large Textured Spoons

Product Description

The Johnson Therapeutic large textured spoons are great for providing oral-sensory stimulation as well as aiding in spoon feeding.  The textured bottoms of the spoons add tactile input. With a shallow bowl, it provides a decreased bolus size allowing for easier swallowing and decreasing the risk of aspiration. The long handles allow for hand-over-hand assistance by caregivers, therapists or family member. The large textured spoons are available in a silver color and are for older children and adults. 

Key Features:

  • Created by Lori Johnson, Speech Language Pathologist
  • Provides Oral Sensory Stimulation 
  • Feeding Tool 
  • Latex Free / Phthalate & Lead Free
  • Made in USA 

Small Textured Spoons are also available for younger children. 

These spoons are not intended to be used as an oral-motor chewing toy. 


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