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The Special Needs Essentials Weighted Comfort Kit

Product Description

The Special Needs Essentials Weighted Comfort Kit includes one of each weighted Lap Pad (Small),the Snake Wrap (Small) and the Weighted Blanket (Small). 

Weighted Lap Pad: A great tool for relaxing! The Lap pad provides comfort and sensory feedback. Weighing close to two pounds(13" x 9" in dimension), the lap pad's solid color and simple design is ideal for promoting calm without distraction Weighted lap pads may help diffuse tension, decrease restlessness and assist with focus. The plastic pellet filled lap pads can also be used as a warming/cooling pad when warmed in the dryer or cooled in the freezer.

Snake Wrap: The snake wrap is another sensory tool providing the wearer with extra pressure while improving attention. The snake wrap provides just the right amount of sensory input for any child! The Snake Wrap weighs approximately 2 pounds, 36" in length and can function as a hand puppet. 

Weighted Blanket: The weighted blanket is made with non-toxic, washable plastic pellets and the color is unisex, calming camouflage blue. The weight of the blanket provides the child with a level of comfort and sensory feedback unmatched by most other products. It provides soothing tactile input for children of any age. For extra comfort these blankets may be warmed in your dryer or cooled in your freezer. The small weighted blanket's dimensions are roughly 30 x 42" , and weighing approximately 6 pounds. 

Available in larger sizes: 

  • Medium Weighted Comfort Kit includes one medium weighted lap pad ( weighing roughly 3.15 pounds, dimensions = 13" x 13"), one large snake wrap ( in blue, weighing 4 pounds, 60" in length) , and one medium weighted blanket (weighing roughly 9 pounds, dimensions 36 x 54") 
  • Large Weighted Comfort Kit includes one large weighted lap pad (weighing 4 pounds, dimensions = 13" x 19" ), one large snake wrap (in blue, weighing 4 pounds , 60" in length) and one large weighted blanket (dimensions 42 x 60")



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