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Chewy Tube Assortment Pack

Product Description

This Assortment Pack Includes: (chewy tube red, super green, yellow, chewy tube knobby green, Red knobby P and Q and chewy tube orange)

 The chewy tubes are a great tool for younger children to work on their biting and chewing skills. Biting on these tubes gives the child the ability to build formation and strength in every bite. the tubes also help with jaw movement. 

The knobby chews are also a great tool for biting and chewing. The knobby chews give the child the structure they need to exercise and strengthen the masseter jaw muscle which is very helpful in learning how to chew.  

The knobby Qs encourage the correct up and down jaw motion in return helping the child to develop later speech production. The Qs also do a great job for creating the proper alignment of the upper and lower dentition as the child's teeth grow. 

Both the Ps and Qs allow the child with the ability to create sound production, proper alignment, and better breathing habits by widening the mouth. 



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