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Foam Tubing (Adaptive Built Up Handles)

Product Description

The Maddak Closed-Cell Foam Tubing is an adaptive tool to build up utensil handles and other daily living aids like razors and toothbrushes. The Maddak Foam Tubing has a soft squishy texture to help improve grip. The foam tubing helps give greater control and strength for gripping ability and is ideal for individuals with Arthritis, Tremors or who may have suffered a stroke. 

The Maddak Foam Tubing has a slip-resistant “skin“ and is dishwasher safe. The tubing is 12" pieces that can be cut to length. Latex Free Package contains 2 each of the following: Red, 3/8" inner diameter x 1-1/8" outer diameter. Blue, 13/16" inner diameter x 1-1/8" outer diameter. 

The Adaptive Built Up Foam Handles are also available in Bright colors (Red, Blue, and Yellow). 


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