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The Comfort Cape

Product Description

The Comfort Cape is a daily living aid allowing an individual to remain upright during shampooing. The daily living tool conforms around any chair or basin. The material is made of a soft, lightweight flexible fabric available in three colors ( Royal Blue, Black and Burgundy). 

The Comfort Cape adjusts to four neck sizes with a buckle fastener and hook & loop straps. The hook & loop straps allow for a snug fit while helping to ensure the individuals do not get wet while shampooing. The design of the Comfort Cape also reduces the risk of back strain for the caregiver (Hooray!). 

The Comfort Cape is ideal for individuals using a wheelchair or need assistance with daily activities and mobility.

*Dimensions of the Comfort Cape = 23"W x 25"L x 3"D cutout

*The Comfort Cape is available in 3 colors: Royal Blue, Black and Burgundy. 


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