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The DenTrust Toothbrush (3-sided soft toothbrush)

Product Description

The DenTrust Toothbrush is a 3-sided soft toothbrush designed to clean 3 sides simultaneously with one brushing stroke while helping to reduce and prevent plaque build up and gingivitis. The design of the 3-sided Toothbrush allows one to easily apply the Dentist recommended 45° angle to the teeth and gum line using short back and forth brush strokes. The soft bristles and rounded design of the DenTrust Toothbrush help to gently massage and clean even the most sensitive teeth and gum tissue. See details below on the DenTrust 3-sided Toothbrush as follows: 

Features of the DenTrust Toothbrush:

  • Independent Support Arms apply just the right amount of pressure to effectively clean the teeth and protect the gums.

  • Expansion Pleats allow DenTrust to automatically adjust to varying tooth widths.

  • Ultralon Bristles provide extra protection to gum tissue.

  • Tongue Cleaner helps to remove bacteria from the tongue

Brushing Procedure:

Simply slide DenTrust around your teeth (see illustration) and then brush, using short back-and-forth strokes. DenTrust is designed to assist users in exercising proper brushing habits. There are no complicated procedures; just brush in the manner described and DenTrust does the rest.

 Adjustable Softness:

The softness or firmness of DenTrust Ultralon bristles can be manually adjusted to your preference. Simply hold the bristles under your faucet while the water is running and adjust as follows:

  • Hot Water = Soft Bristle
  • Warm Water = Medium Bristle
  • Cold Water = Firm Bristle

Proper Cleaning:

As toothpaste can collect between the bristles during use, it is important to clean DenTrust after each usage as follows:

  1. Rinse the bristles under hot tap water, then;
  2. Tap the handle to loosen the residue from the bristles. Repeat process if necessary.

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