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Dycem Jar Opener

Product Description

The Dycem non slip jar is made of Dycem non slip material. The texture of the jar opener allows for easy use in opening jars with a soft texture. Open any jar with ease! Our non-slip jar opener provides a tight grip for lids and jars of all sizes.

Specially designed with unique grip bars and a dome shape that fits snugly in the palm of your hand, it is an invaluable daily living aid. The Dycem non-slip jar opener is completely malleable and fits lids of all sizes. Use yours to open medicine bottles, door knobs and taps. In addition, a tight seal when closing is ensured.

Perhaps one of the most incredible benefits about the opener is that it allows for someone who is one handed to easily open jars and bottles with the additional use of the Dycem mat. 

Dycem Bottle Openers and Dycem Coasters are available on our site. 


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