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Emoji Glow-in-the-Dark Fidget Spinnner

Product Description

The Emoji Fidget Spinner is a fun and relaxing way for kids to relieve stress. The Fidget Spinner is also great for kids who can't stay focused in the class room or at home because they keep from moving their hands or feet. This Fidget Spinner is a step above the other spinners as it can be used in the dark! It glows in the dark features light up emojis and make for a fun experience for any user.

There is a large bearing in the middle of the toy which allows for the fidget to spin in place with out any sort of noise. 

The bearing used in this fidget spinner is ceramic which generally makes it spin for a longer amount of time. The bearing is very heavy duty which contributes to a longer living fidget spinner

To use, simply place your fingers in the middle of the spinner and spin the any of the three blades. The Fidget Spinner is known to spin for over two minutes with out being touched!

For ages 4+




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