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Gymnic Physio Roll

Product Description

Often copied but never achieved! The Physio Roll "double balls" are ideal for use in therapy, especially to work with people who have problems with balance and coordination. The therapist can sit on the ball and control the patient's movements. Big in volume but light in weight.

Each Physio Roll is supplied in poly bag packaging with instructions.This therapy tool was created by joining two balls together. The advantage to doing so allows the  operator to do a variety of different activities. The double ball formation provides a much higher stability for the user.

Not only is this ball used for play, but it is also used in the physiotherapy sector to help attribute to those with coordination and balance difficulties. It also makes a great tool for disabled people, elderly people, or even nursery schools.The small size Physio Rolls can also be a great attribute to pets with movement, reflex and stability deficiencies, as well as for behavioral problems and post-operative rehabilitation.


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