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Skil-Care™ Heel Float

Product Description

The Skil-Care™ Heel Float  is a soft foam heel boot that controls dorsal flexion while reducing pressure on the heel. The Heel Float helps treat ulcers or other health issues related to the heel making it a resourceful medical tool. The smart design promotes healing while providing comfort and cool relief. The Heel Float comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large/Bariatric. 


  • Floats the heel over an air cavity for zero pressure

  • Provides air circulation to aid healing of existing ulcers

  • Water-based gel insert lowers pressure beneath ankle

  • Design controls the dorsal flexion
  • Covered with a soft, cloth fabric that reduces skin shear and  moisture

  • Washing Machine Safe (must remove gel insert)

  • Straps adjust for multiple locations


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