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Color Dots- Marker Rounds-9 inch (Set of 6)

Product Description

These high visibility Color Dots or spot markers are great for a wide variety of activities and uses in the classroom and beyond. They help to make sure your students know where to sit in class, or use them as targets and bases for gross motor skill developing activities. There are 6 fun, bright colors included in each set. The marker rounds make a great therapy and learning tool promoting hand-eye coordination, color identification, gross motor development and balance for preschoolers to adults or even during an occupational therapy session. 

  • Marker Rounds are a great tool for color recognition games. 
  • Marker Rounds can be used as spot markers to execute in direction and coordination practice. 
  • Marker rounds maintain their color and stay very bright even after prolonged use in the direct sunlight. 
  • Marker Rounds are a thicker/denser high quality spot tool than most, making them stronger and less likely to warp while used outdoors or outside of the gym. 
  • Marker Rounds can be great for line up sports like: T-ball, basketball, running, swimming, gymnastics, etc. 

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