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Mini Easi-Grip Scissors

Product Description

Ultra lightweight self-opening scissors. Ideal for use for early scissor skill development, or for special needs due to weak hands or those who are unable to use conventional style scissors. Mini Easi-Grip® scissors are 2/3 the size of the standard version and due to the minimal bias during the cutting action, can in most cases be used in either the right or left hand.

These Scissors Are Good For:

  • Children being introduced to scissors
  • Weak grip or poor hand strength
  • Difficulty isolating individual finger movements
  • Children who struggle to follow instructions and directional commands
  • Children with small hands
  • Children with undecided hand dominance who swap hands during a task
Feature Benefits
Light weight Does not fatigue user
Continuous loop handle Automatically reopens scissors when pressure released
No finger loops Can be used with with thumb and fingers or palm, requires only gentle squeeze to use.
High quality polymer Does not snap and retains spring action.

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