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Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid

Product Description

The Maddak Partitioned Scoop Dish with Lid has three partitions and a bright, red color to help create a more enjoyable dining experience for individuals with limited mobility. The Partitioned Scoop Dish helps to increase independent eating while strengthening fine motor skills like hand strength and hand-eye coordination. The design of the partitioned dish is ideal for individuals with Tremors, Dementia, and/or Arthritis. 

The Partitioned Scoop Dish has a diameter measuring 8 1/4 inches. The one large section holds 12.6-ounces of food, while the two smaller ones can contain up to 6.75-ounces.  The design of the high walls of each partition can be used to help push food onto forks and spoons. The lid allows for easier transporting and storing of food. The Dish and lid are both dishwasher and microwave safe.


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