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Scooper Bowl with Suction Base

Product Description

The Scooper Bowl with Suction Cup Base is an adaptive eating aid designed to keep the bowl in place while preventing spills. The high rim and curved design of the Scooper Bowl allows the individual to scoop food onto a utensil without spilling. The bottom of the dish has a rubber suction base to prevent skidding.

For those with limited mobility, the Scooper Bowl with Suction Base helps to maximize independent feeding and boosts one's self-confidence. The Ableware Scooper Bowl works well for individuals with Arthritis, Tremors or Parkinson's. 

Features of the Scooper Bowl with Suction Cup Base:

  • Adaptive Eating Bowl that sticks to surface 
  • Encourages independent eating while strengthening fine motor skills
  • Reduces spills while aiding in independent feeding
  • Molded of heat-resistant plastic.
  • Dimensions = Hemispherical, 4 1/2 "(11.4 cm) diameter.   
  • Dishwasher safe. 
  • Available as a Plate with Suction Cup Base here

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