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TalkTools Sensory Bean Bags

Product Description

The TalkTools Sensory Bean Bags are designed to provide facial massage and to expose clients to a variety of textures in a playful, non-threatening manner. These fun and safe tools can be used with clients with hyposensitivity (under response) or hypersensitivity (over response) to touch/texture on the face, and clients who do not have adequate facial symmetry or mid-line orientation. 

Features of the Sensory Bean Bags: 

  • A fun and safe way to benefit clients with tactile-defensive behaviors, hyposensitivity or hypersensitivity
  • Help normalize sensory awareness 
  • Sensory Seekers will love these as a calming tool 
  • Includes 4 pairs of Sensory Bean Bags in varying textures (silky, bumpy, furry, scratchy) and the original instruction booklet

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