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Spiffy Tooth Wipe and Gel

Product Description

The Spiffies tooth wipe is a great way to get your child to teeth clean with out any sort of kicking or crying! Both the gel and wipes are grape flavor which helps to keep your child interested in something tasty instead of the usual mint flavored tooth paste. The spiffies tooth wipe allows your child to cooperate as you clean his or her teeth. These tooth wipes also sooth a babies gums when teething. They are not abrasive or tough, and there is no brushing involved. The wipes contain a rich solution known as xylitol. Xylitol is used for cavity prevention and to provide both children and adults with the cleanest teeth possible. 

The spiffies tooth wipes are non hazardous and safe for use. In worse cases they are even swallow able!

The Spiffies tooth gel is another great product made by Spiffies. The tooth gel can be used on both tooth brushes and spiffy tooth wipes. The gel is great for adding a little extra xylitol to the gel when needed. The spiffies tooth gel is safe for both babies and toddlers. The spiffies tooth gel will increase your child's interest while practicing great oral cleanliness.


$15.00 $20.00

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