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Tangle Jr Classic

Product Description

The Tangle Jr Classic is the original Tangle toy. The Tangle Jr. is a great tool in the classroom for kids with apparent attention problems. The Tangle Jr provides children with the ability to keep their hands busy while also staying focused. A very popular tool for an overwhelmed teacher!  

  • Tangles are a great manipulative toy because it stimulates the brain into focusing while keeping the child busy and satisfied.
  • Tangles help children build finger dexterity while providing therapeutic relief in the same instant.
  • Great toy/tool for both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The Tangle can be twisted in a number of different directions making it both strong and very adaptable. 
  • The Tangle is also a great travel toy do to its small size. Great for keeping the kids busy while in the car, on a plane, or anywhere in transit. 

The fidget Tangle is ideal for classroom or in home use because of its silent mobility. Also, available in 3 packs here or try the Tangle Textured Junior here

Please note: When Broken, the tangle can snap into individual one inch pieces, making it a potential choking hazard to younger children who may try and chew on these pieces. 


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