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Tangle Jr. Texture - Set of 3

Product Description

The Textured Tangle Jr is a fantastic sensory stimulation fidget! With its bumps and grooves it is a fun tactile sensory stimulation toy. For use in the classroom, therapy sessions, or just everyday, the Textured Tangle Jr is a great fidget for fingers that just have to play with something! Textured Tangle Jr is a great gift that allows for hours of play!

  • The Textured Tangle Jr. is great for any one with anxiety issues.
  • The Textured Tangle Jr. is easy to pack for the kids, and even easier to use. 
  • Just like the other Tangles, this one is great for keeping busy hands busy, fidget away!
  • Think of it as a worry stone except for instead of rubbing your tangling. 

This toy comes in various colors and sold in packs of 3 or individually here

Please note: Due to separating segments, the Tangle Jr. is a choking hazard for children under the age of 3.



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