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Product Description

This kit includes: The weighted Pencil Grip 3 Pack, The crossover grip neon 2 pack, and the crossover grip metallic 2 pack.

The products are excellent for young users to practice proper techniques of how to hold pencils. They are also very helpful in comforting both children and adults while writing. 

The weighted pencil grip is great for building motor skills for a variety of different users. It is very helpful for children, adults, and even elderly people. The weighted pencil grip is also great for sensory motor planning. It can provide great feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing. The pencil grip has small O-rings on the inside of it which keep the grip from sliding up and down on the pencil.

The Crossover Grip is another great tool for teaching kids the proper techniques in writing. The crossover grip is widely used in class rooms and therapeutic settings. The Crossover grip is slightly different than the pencil grip do to the slits in the side. The purpose of the slits is to insert your thumb and index finger.

The crossover grip is a great problem eliminator. It is easy to use and it prevents finger crossing over, thumb-wrapping, and sore fingers. The soft, rubbery material makes the crossover grip very comfortable.  

You can guarantee progress by using both the weighted pencil grip and the cross over grip on the same pencil!

Total Combined Quantity: 7

$19.99 $28.00

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