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Weighted Comfort Kit

Product Description

Includes: Weighted Lap Pad (Large)  The Snake Neck Wrap (Large) and the Weighted Blanket (Large)

Weighted Lap Pad: A great tool for relaxing! The Lap pad provides comfort and assurance for any user. The pad weighs 7 pounds and is filled with blue gel stars. It is a great tool for anyone with sensory/therapeutic in capabilities.  

Snake Wrap: The snake wrap is another great tool for anyone with sensory or therapeutic issues. It provides the user with an unmatched level of comfort ability. The snake wrap is perfect for comforting a child's neck. The snake wrap provides just the right amount of sensory input for any child! The Wrap weighs approximately 2 pounds. 

Weighted Blanket: The weighted blanket is perfect for calming down any child. The weight of the blanket provides the child with a level of comfort and protection unmatched by most other products. It provides soothing tactile input for children of any age. 


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