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KE-Classic Bendable Weighted Fork

Product Description

The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Fork has a stainless steel shaft that can be bent to the left or right, and a heavy weighted handle to stabilize grip and strengthen hand muscles. The soft, non-slip grip built up handle is easy for people with limited grip, arm or hand movement to hold. Bending the fork to the left or right is helpful for disabled users to more easily move food to their mouth.

The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Fork has a light gray, non-slip, oval shaped rubber handle that measures 1-3/8 inch diameter, 4 inches long. The added weight helps reduce hand tremors caused by Parkinson's essential tremors, ataxia. The shaft allows the fork to be bent to the angle best suited for users with limited wrist or elbow movement.

Also, available are the Classic Weighted Teaspoon, the Classic Weighted Soupspoon, the Classic Weighted Tablespoon,  the Classic Weighted Rocker Knife and the Classic Weighted Utensil Set (Includes 4 KE Utensils: Fork, Knife, Teaspoon and Soup-spoon). 


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