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KE-Classic Bendable Weighted Knife

Product Description

The KE Classic Weighted Rocker Knife has a soft grip weighted handle, and large rounded blade helpful for easily cutting food when dining People who have difficulty using a standard table knife will find this large grip knife easier to hold and use. The added weight in the handle helps to stabilize the hand for increasing dining independence.

The KE Classic Weighted Rocker Knife has an oval non-slip rubber handle that is designed to fit comfortably in the hand. The handle measures 1-3/8 inch diameter, 4 inches long. The large rounded blade allows the user to gently rock back and forth to cut food instead of using a sawing motion.

We carry all of the KE Classic Weighted Utensils which can be bought individually or as a Set of 4 Utensils ( includes the KE Weighted Fork, Rocker Knife, Teaspoon & Soupspoon). Also, the KE Classic Weighted Tablespoon is available here


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